Diamond Smackdown Featuring Argyle Treasures at Shop LC

Diamond Smackdown Featuring Argyle Treasures at Shop LC

Day-long event to showcase natural pink and champagne diamond jewelry

AUSTIN, Texas, August 27, 2020— The Diamond Smackdown Featuring Argyle Treasures multi-hour event is coming to Shop LC.

 The nationally broadcast shopping channel will be selling amazing diamond jewelry all-day on August 29. Product offerings include rare pink diamond jewelry, stunning selections in champagne diamond, and unique artisan creations like Polki diamond jewelry. Pricing will be even lower than daily low Shop LC prices.

 “It is truly the end of an era,” says Ankur Sogani, Vice President of Sales, Shop LC. “With the Argyle mine closing after decades of operation, it is unlikely we’ll ever see such affordable stones again. Pink diamonds are already rising in price, as Argyle has been the only reliable producer of these rare gems. Champagne diamonds disrupted the market when they first hit years ago, and it remains to be seen how the cost of these gorgeous jewels will be affected.”

 Diamond Smackdown Featuring Argyle Treasures is Live, all-day, on August 29.

Visit https://www.shoplc.com/ways-to-watch to tune in on your local channel or stream from your favorite device.

About Shop LC
Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Shop LC, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vaibhav Global Ltd. (VGL), a vertically integrated company with global sourcing and manufacturing capabilities. Shop LC is a value-conscious, interactive retailer focused on the fine jewelry, beauty, fashion, home decor and lifestyle product categories. Established in 2007, Shop LC reaches approximately 73 million U.S. households via high-definition programming offered live 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. For more information visit shoplc.com and download the interactive app on iTunes, Google Play or many other streaming devices or televisions.


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