Ditch the Charms: ROCKNOT’s Straps Are the New Statement!

You found the it-girl bag of the Summer.

This season, instead of Jane Birkinfying our purses with charms and ribbons, we are making the purse straps the statement with ROCKNOT.

We say this year’s summer uniform should consist of rhinestones, sparkles, and knots– and whether you’re looking for a handbag insert or a purse strap, ROCKNOT has all the sparkly macramé accessories you’ve been looking for.

Denim Infinity Bag + LACE Strap, Crystal – $211 USD 

The Transformer, Crystal / Light Denim Insert – $295 USD

Allie Drawstring Leather Bucket Bag – $139 USD

Transformer Insert, Off-White – $59 USD


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