DUNCAN NYFW SS2021 photos by Max Papendieck

NEW YORK CITY – On Monday, September 14th, emerging luxury ready-to-wear brand DUNCAN debuted its Spring Summer 2021 collection with a digital presentation in the form of a film and stills, shot by photographer Max Papendieck. DUNCAN’s fourth season marks the brand’s official debut as part of the New York Fashion Week calendar.

With a focus on the core silhouettes that DUNCAN has become celebrated for, the collection draws inspiration from the theme: Rigid. Repetition. Released. The SS21 film features an exclusive track by UK-based band Ladytron, whose music founder Michelle Duncan cites as a major inspiration.

DUNCAN is a collection of highly covetable, tailored separates created for the aesthete that has a predilection for unexpected detail and is seeking something a little sultry in their everyday life. DUNCAN is available on MATCHESFASHION.COM

Rigid. Repetition. Release.
What is repetition if not the first step into this new decade? We entered and assumed the spectacular, the unveiling of a new era.
Then the world stopped.
For the first time in humankind, we, collectively as a global race, endured the same austerity, horror, disbelief and catastrophe. We froze in time, and together, fell into a repetitious cycle.

Wake up. Eat. Work. Exercise. Drink. Work. Read the News. Work. Eat. Sleep. Wake up. Eat. Work. Exercise. Drink. Work. Read the News. Work. Eat. Sleep. Wake up. Eat. Work. Exercise. Drink. Read the News. Work. Eat. Sleep.

We questioned, we worried and suddenly found ourselves in a cycle of repetition. Repeating thoughts. Repeating actions. Hour by hour we repeated the same movements from the day prior, the week prior, the month prior. We became unnerved and stifled in our own self-reflection across culture, livelihood and society. What really matters and who are we really?

Our darkest time grew into an unthinkably rigid repeat.
What happens when everything you’ve ever known suddenly halts and you are forced into the rigidly mundane? You grow restless, anxious and contained. You start to unravel.

This collection is not about despair but rather the opposite. It’s an exploration on that exact moment when you finally snap. The unraveling and then the release. The rigidly repetitious becomes so unbearable there is no choice but to have insanity turn towards the light. You experience the release.

Creativity starts to bleed out from within. Thoughts become extraordinary. Emotions catapult you towards a blinding euphoria. You have released into a maddened joy and optimism. You remember who you are and who we should be. This is what the SS21 collection is about. An exploration of the personal journey from the longest night into the dawn.
Launched in the spring of 2019, DUNCAN is a New York based women’s ready to wear brand that reimagines traditional tailoring while infusing unexpected adornments and details. Designed to be timeless, DUNCAN builds armor for those edgier girls who have gone corporate but also for those who prefer their tailoring with a hint of after dark glamour. Founded by creative director Michelle Duncan, DUNCAN represents her infatuation with the timeless, the provocative, the dark and the powerful.


Founded in 2019 by Michelle Duncan, American brand DUNCAN juxtaposes heavily tailoring with unexpected details to create timeless pieces using luxury fabrics and embellishment details. DUNCAN is built and designed for the female who is multifaceted, dynamic and complex in all areas of her life. She wears DUNCAN as a symbol of armor for the goth girl gone corporate who prefers her garments with a hint of after-dark glamour.



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