DUR DOUX AW24 Collection ‘Femme Dechainee’

Introducing DUR DOUX AW 24 Collection: ‘Femme Dechainee’ Woman
DUR DOUX, the esteemed fashion label, is delighted to unveil
its AW24 Collection: ‘Femme Dechainee’ – a compelling manifesto portraying a woman’s journey into a more assertive realm of femininity and personal style expression.
With this latest collection, DUR DOUX invites women to embrace their distinctive fashion sensibilities through bold pieces that exude an elevated sense of personal empowerment. Seamlessly fusing luxury and audacity, the collection showcases a diverse range of styles, from exquisite silk animal print caftans to faux leather jackets, dresses, and Italian knits.
‘Femme Dechainee’ inspires wearers to unleash their inner style icon and redefine their fashion journey. Infusing a touch of wild sophistication, key motifs such as leopard/tiger and dot jacquard patterns intricately weave their way throughout the collection. To complete the ensemble, DUR DOUX introduces a stunning array of occasion wear, featuring standout pieces like the polka dot tulle gown and the black crinkle taffeta gown.
DUR DOUX is a renowned fashion label which has garnered celebrity fans including Anna Chumsky, Emma Chamberlain, Keke Palmer, Maye Musk, among others. DUR DOUX’s Fall / Winter 2024 collection will debut virtually in February 2024, and will be available in major retailers including Shopbop and their website in mid-September 2024.

Founded in 2015 by mother-daughter duo, Najla and Cynthia Burt, DUR DOUX is an acclaimed fashion brand celebrated for its fusion of luxury and audacity. The name DUR DOUX, meaning Hard, Soft, encapsulates the brand’s essence, rooted in the duality of wearability combined with a bold sensibility.
Committed to redefining femininity and empowering women through fashion, DUR DOUX remains a trailblazer in the industry.

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