Duvin – The Official Uniform of People Who Hate Uniforms

Florida-based surf lifestyle brand Duvin Design Co.

Duvin Design Co., the Official Uniform of People Who Hate Uniforms, was started by a group of lifelong friends on the balmy beaches of Florida in 2010. The brand launched modestly while the founders were in college, selling t-shirts out of the trunks of their cars. Almost twelve years later, the brand is sold in over 130 retailers across 10 countries and is worn by athletes and celebrities from all walks of life. Though the brand’s ethos is based on a surf lifestyle, it has grown through the years to encompass a growing clientele of creatives, musicians, skaters, party starters, and fashion enthusiasts alike.
Duvin was founded by Austin Duvall, Garrett Watzka, and Shaun O’Meara – childhood friends who grew up surfing the Atlantic Coast, and who gained experience in product design by working with
brands like Element Skateboards, Von Zipper, Stance, and Billabong. Though the name itself was originally derived from CEO Duvall’s last name, “Duvin” is inherently a word without meaning, allowing the products, good vibes, and community to define itself over time as the company has grown. Following their college graduations in 2012, the three reconnected in Orlando, moving in together into
what would become the first Duvin HQ.
The trio continued to produce tees and swim trunks while working at a local surf shop, learning the business from the inside out. Understanding the market gave them a unique insight into what was missing – something fresh, fun, and distinctly east coast. With most popular surf brands historically based in California, there was a limited representation of the Florida surf scene – a region ripe with interesting history and unique design philosophy. As native Floridians, this became the brand’s talisman and distinctive point of view, which continues to drive all aspects of the label today.
Duvin’s mission is to continuously drive the design philosophy forward while having fun through every step of the process. Trends come and go, but in the end, a few main concepts have carried the brand through some remarkable growth. Pastels and bright colors are implemented in unexpected combinations, connected to large patterns and prints reminiscent of Florida’s saturated hues and colorful architecture. The fabrics are super soft and breathable, complemented by effortless fits that seamlessly integrate into the outdoor Florida lifestyle – easily transitioning from sunny mornings to mild evenings.
Often referred to as the internet’s go-to beach brand, Duvin hopes to continue to live up to that moniker as it grows. The brand is proud to have built a loyal following that returns season after season. As the
product offering has expanded, new staples have contributed to the expansion of the brand’s fanbase, which now includes all genders from various corners of the globe. What started as a product based in surf culture has evolved into a fashion brand that caters to anyone looking to have a good time enjoying the sun.
Duvin collections are produced in Los Angeles and internationally, with custom dyeing handled in Los Angeles and all printing done locally in Orlando. Though rumors have circulated that the brand is
associated with The Filthy Flamingo Surf Gang, the Duvin team can neither confirm nor deny those claims.
Go Have a Day.
Duvin is based in Orlando, Florida, and is available via DuvinDesign.com and through select retailers including
Curl Surf, Las Olas Charleston, Drift House, Elektrik Boutique, and Shore Brand, among many others.
please visit: www.DuvinDesign.com


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