Eden Park Club & Sport SS24

The Parisian house with the pink bow tie is celebrating its 37th anniversary this year:
37 years of fantasy and rigor.
37 years of pink bow ties.
37 years of wearing an embodied brand, a true brand.
37 years of transposing the French Flair of the Showbiz grounds into the brand’s values.
37 years old is a good age and Eden Park celebrates it by offering the best of French
French Flair is this French creative know-how, this little “je ne sais quoi” which makes each of the pieces are inspired by French tradition, identity and signature.
Recognizable by their symbolic logo, the pink bow tie, all creations
give particular importance to the quality of materials and the
work of details. Eden Park has, over all these years, established itself in France and in the 37 countries where it is present, as the Parisian brand inspired by the values and codes of rugby.
Today, it offers the best of this inspiration by offering fashion that
knows how to combine the spirit of the times with its very distinct identity, a magical combination allowing it to be the undisputed brand in the premium universe.

The brand’s history began in 1987 when Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc, two rugby players belonging to one of the most prestigious sports clubs in the world – the Racing Club de France – decided to create a high-end clothing brand. They applied their creative and offbeat spirit to the conceptualization of a brand whose inspiration and codes come from an extraordinary and authentic story.

It’s by playing with Basque berets, long shorts, blazers, black makeup, with gold crampons and to finish with a pink bow tie on the occasion of 2 finals of the French championship in front of 50,000 people at the Parc des Prince and live on television that these players from the Racing Club de France affirmed their offbeat philosophy: the very essence of Showbizz and now of the Eden Park brand. Obeying the rules was part of their life. But breaking them was what they stood for. Carpe Diem was their philosophy.

The idea for the bow tie was born some time before the final. They had to quickly find the symbol of their state of mind which would illustrate this exceptional final day, a unique occasion which deserved to be celebrated in the famous “number one”, that is to say in a tuxedo. It was Eric Blanc who had the idea of keeping only the bow tie which they considered more festive in pink, a nod to their mascot, the famous panther of the same color and their boxer shorts worn under the shorts during matches. It was Franck Mesnel who returned from New Zealand with the name Eden Park, cathedral of  rugby and scene of the first World Cup in which he participated as a finalist  in 1987.
Driven by a taste for paradox and attention to detail, Franck Mesnel and Eric Blanc create a true Eden Park style whose legitimate icon is the rugby jersey in all its variations.

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