Elaborate Fashions and Hairstyles Explore Beauty and Power in Photographer Luke Nugent’s Lavish Portraits

London-based photographer Luke Nugent (previously) captures a wide swath of beauty and expression through his powerful images centered on Black models.

Often in commanding poses, the subjects sport evocative fashions and elaborately designed makeup. One model is covered in Kintsugi-style cracks and encrusted with glimmering gems, while others wear futuristic garments and lavishly styled hair.

The deeply considered photographs are created collaboratively with makeup and hair artists, stylists, and creative directors.

Find more of Nugent’s photography on Instagram and Behance—where you can also see his recent EQUILIBRIUM series that was produced in collaboration with Melissa Simon-Hartmon—and pick up a print in his shop.

From UTOPIA. Photography by Luke Nugent, concept and direction by Nugent and Lisa Farrall, hair by Farrall, makeup by Lauren Kay, nails by Marie-Louise Coster, styling by Simone Sylvester

From Albinism & Skulls Series, Part 1. Photography by Luke Nugent, concept, art direction, and makeup by Vanessa Davis, modeling by Leo Jonah, makeup artist assistance by Gabi Havens

“Knots.” Photography by Luke Nugent, creative direction by Melissa Simon-Hartman and Nugent, design and styling by Simon-Hartman, muse Charlie Fletcher, makeup by Callista Lorian Thomas, hair by Patience Aurelien


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