ELIE SAAB – Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2018


City of lights, city of love & city of sin.

It’s the roaring twenties, peace has returned to Europe, and a renewed sense of thirst & love for life runs through the streets of Paris.

Oh, what a time to be alive!

It’s a time when the sounds of glasses clinking, people chattering and the rhythms of jazz fill the air.

When dancing, singing & ritzy parties in velvet-clad, crystal chandeliered music halls go on all night & all day.

A time when Paris is transformed into the most exciting & effervescent “centre of the universe”, the home of all avant-garde.

ELIE SAAB’s Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2018 collection finds its inspiration in the women from sizzling Paris of the 1920’s, translating their seductive & sophisticated elegance, born at the crossroads between Montmartre & Montparnasse, into pieces of timeless chic.

Like an almost magical time, the 20’s in Paris saw an artistic paradise on one side of the Seine, and an intellectual hub on the other, play host to the world’s greatest minds.

It is also where the most iconic entertainers, trend-setters, socialites & muses in history took centre-stage, capturing hearts, fuelling spirits, inspiring ideas and bringing the famous image of Paris and the modern “Parisienne” woman to life.

A woman who loves passionately, lives largely and dresses beautifully, because life is one glitzy party.


Channelling the style & attitude of this modern woman, ELIE SAAB’s collection presents elegant gowns created in homage to the independent & liberated “Parisienne”, who has a taste for luxury and excitement.

A woman who, from then and now, could be out dining with Paul Éluard, or Picasso at La Rotonde.

Being photographed by Bérénice Abbott at her artist studio.

Admiring the latest expo with Colette.

Acting scenes with Louise Brooks.

Meeting Man Ray and his muse at Café de Flore.

Sipping on absinthe with Hemingway at Les Deux Magots.

Until finally running into Zelda & Scott Fitgerald at an elegant soirée, where Cole Porter is crooning “Let’s Do it (Let’s Fall in Love)”.

While created with freedom of movement in mind, the Spring-Summer 2018 pieces show-off long, impossibly refined and graceful lines. Soft, airy silks, satins, tulle & lace materials in light pink and pastels, drape down in sinuous folds as they hug the feminine silhouette at the waist & hips.

Accentuated shoulders, bare or coated in thin weaves of shiny embroidery, with plunging, semi-divulging necklines, play into the chic finesse of the feminine form.

Rich feathery bouquets flutter in the slightest breeze, as they enhance backless dresses & coat their skirts.

Emerging as one of the major artistic influences of the 1920’s, that transcends into modern-day approaches to design, ELIE SAAB projects Art Deco inspired patterns onto chic gowns.

Using the maison’s signature approach to embroidery, the bold geometric shapes & embellished floral forms, reminiscent of the art deco aesthetic, are amplified as lavish ornamentations, and heavily encrusted with beads, gold & silver sequins, and precious green-tinted stones.

They become luxurious works of decorative art, expressing jewellery-like opulence on demure and slim-line dresses, while revisited forms of cloche hats adorn perfectly coiffed heads.

A feast for the eyes, the bejewelled accessories in the collection pack a striking punch, as they reflect the strong lines & geometric constructions associated with the art deco architectural style, in dark golds & silver metallics.

Everything, from headpieces, to earrings, necklaces, belts, rings & bracelet cuffs, are both bold & refined.

Some pieces are made of a juxtaposition of large, oval-shaped & diamond-like cut stones, while others feature thin & elaborate jewelled baguettes assembled together into dynamic geometric shapes that also de-structure into cascades of long, slim jewel-encrusted strands.

Even eyewear gets its own embellishments, with strings of gold chains, and of tiny pink & white pearls dropping down to the shoulders from either side of the frames.

The clutches are particularly bold, with some covered in perfectly linear patterns of diamond-like studs & baguettes, others are wrapped in a coat of slim, full metallic champagne gold & silver shine chains.

And a jewel-studded ELIE SAAB monogram design, envelops clutches, like a glitzy ornamental shell.

As for the shoes, nothing but sharp, towering heels will do for the woman who is out to stand out, as they come in gold-champagne textures, or covered in an intricate silver & gold dentelle.

Through this Spring-Summer 2018 Haute Couture collection, that woman of youthful spirit, chic stride & unparalleled joie-de-vivre… she’ll never be forgotten.

Shimmering like millions of stars on a dark stage as she sways & socializes to the sounds of intoxicating rhythms & follies… that vivacious, elegant woman of the 1920’s, who continues to light a fire in hearts & minds, she shines on to this day, stealing the spotlight in her own larger-than-life way.

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