Elton Ilirjani at the Fashion Designers of Latin America Show NYFW FW 2024 photos by Getty Images for BFA / Michelle Kammerman

Elton Ilirjani Hits the Runway Trifecta at the

Fashion Designers of Latin America Show

during New York Fashion Week the Shows 2024

Elton Ilirjani, international model, activist, and philanthropist lit up the catwalk wearing creations designed by Jemma RussoAgatha Ruiz de la Prada (Tristan Ramirez), and Emma (Paola Rosenberg) in a multi-show performance at the Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA) runway show during New York Fashion Week the Shows 2024 at Clinton Mercantile in New York City.

In 2023 Elton was appointed as an Ambassador of the Fashion Designers of Latin America (FDLA) and the NYFW shows were the grand finale of his time as Ambassador. The day before the start of the shows Elton was the Guest of honor at the Designers Dinner where he met with designers and organizers of forthcoming fashion week events in Latin America Fashion including Peru, Chile, Aruba, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, and Mexico among others.

At the shows, Elton closed the show with the final look of Emma Peru as well as the finale of Jemma Russo, wearing a black and white look emblazoned with a white flower. At the Agatha De La Prada show, Elton modeled a very sportive look which he included his trademark flourish in support of genderless fashion, being the only model to wear high heels.

About Elton Ilirjani:

Known around the world as a high-ranking social media influencer and fashion model, Ilirjani boasts a breathtaking following of over 12 million fans. His legions of followers are dedicated to listening and learning from his message of gender equality around the world. Elton promotes the importance of equality and freedom of expression through the concept of genderless modeling. Frequenting the pages of fashion magazines and international runway shows, the icon uses his powerful presence to promote a unified existence amongst all of mankind.

www: www.theheadhunter.com Instagram: @Eilirjani

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