Embrace the cowgirl style with Crystal Pendants in the Cowgirl LUV Collection by Karina Brez

Beyoncé’s “Cowgirl Carter” album Karina Brez, says, “I love the Beyoncé country era and her take on cowgirl culture, and I am here for it. I can’t wait for all the amazing fashion to come with it. It’s going to be epic.”

A perfect fit and addition to her Cowgirl LUV collection, we wanted to follow up on how Florida-based Karina Brez, celebrated for her equestrian creations in the world of fine jewelry, recently announced new jewels. Embracing the spirit of modern cowgirl style, Karina unveils three new crystal pendants—Faith, Chance, and Destiny—each symbolizing resilience and empowerment that defines the Cowgirl ethos.

Since its inception, the Cowgirl LUV collection has captured the hearts of equestrians and fashion enthusiasts alike. With these new additions, Karina continues to offer pieces that resonate with the adventurous spirit and unwavering determination of the Cowgirl aesthetic. Named for the guiding principles of Faith, Chance, and Destiny, each pendant serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of belief, serendipitous opportunities, and the fulfillment of true purpose.

The pendants are available in either 18K yellow, rose, or white gold options, and are adorned with quartz or rainbow moonstone crystals and Turquoise accents.


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