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Capturing the transitory nature of beauty and glamour, the “Ephemeral” collection by Enaura features vintage-inspired silhouettes and textural details on luxurious satins and opulent silks. The delicate and flowing fabrics suggest movement and transience, while also evoking a sense of elegance and refinement. Modern features blend with nostalgic details that nod to the past but are still relevant today, like hand pleating, draping, and embroidery for a contemporary, yet classic look. Expertly designed and masterfully crafted to evoke the romance and grace of bygone eras, each gown captures the ephemeral, inviting brides to embody every fleeting moment of their wedding day.


With a base in the heart of NYC’s Garment District and heritage in India, the brand prides itself on upholding ancient embroidery techniques with each gown being expertly constructed by artisanal crafters. Design techniques such as ‘zardosi’ and ‘tambour’ which were used to clothe Indian Kings & Queens have been passed down from generation to generation and remain in practice today. The brand is focused on celebrating and sustaining the traditional techniques of these artisans that work on each gown, resulting in exclusively authentic designs. With each collection, the brand complements modern and feminine silhouettes with nostalgic designs inspired by the art and history of textiles, detailed textures of flora, and old-world architecture resulting in understated yet tasteful gowns. The Enaura bride feels effortlessly accentuated, feminine and timeless.



From a young age, Sohil Mistry, Founder and Creative Director of Enaura Bridal, has been devoted to celebrating and sustaining the meticulous work of hand-beading artisans. Captivated by the work of his ancestors, Sohil left the comfort of his East Coast home and ventured to India to study the depth of embroidery and textiles.

Taking notable cues from ancient embroidery and design techniques developed to clothe Indian royals, Sohil was fascinated by the unification of cultural design and contemporary elegance. He grew passionate about filling the gap between bespoke beading and wedding dresses and began creating designs that spoke to the modern bride while incorporating artisan appreciation.

Upon completing his immersion studies, Sohil moved to New York City to attend FIT and launched himself into his creations. In 2011, Sohil introduced Blossom Veils & Accessories, a line of luxurious bridal accents. The intricately detailed accessories, carefully crafted with royal hand-beading techniques, had never been seen before in modern veil designs.

Following the success of Blossom Veils, Sohil brought his expertise to couture gowns and in 2013, launched Enaura Bridal. The authenticity of Enaura gowns embodies the history and traditional techniques Sohil once studied.

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