Engagement Ring Shopping – Insider Tips

December is known as the most popular month to get engaged and it’s right around the corner! In the upcoming months, many will be shopping for the perfect engagement ring to express their love.

But it’s no easy task! With so many options and styles to choose from, it’s easy to stress. 

Below are insider tips on engagement ring shopping from celebrity jeweler, Jack Solow of Solow & Co., a third generation fine jeweler based in New York City.

Jack has become the trusted go-to jeweler for celebrities and influencers.

Notably, he did engagement rings for high profile couples, Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend and Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber and diamond jewelry for Jessica Simpson, among others.


“A key tip when shopping for an engagement ring is not to rush and never feel pressured.  Once ordered, a ring can take 3 weeks to have to produce to exact standards. If you are planning a holiday engagement, now is the time to begin shopping.”

The shape of the diamond:

“Diamonds come in many different cuts and shapes. All women have slightly different hands, try to find a shape of a diamond that flatters the finger, and a ring setting that complements that shape diamond, as well.  For example, round and squarish cuts look more important on a shorter finger whereas elongated diamonds like ovals, pear shapes, marquises and emerald cuts lend themselves to longer fingers.”

What to look for in a diamond:

“When shopping for an engagement ring, keep in mind the 4Cs – Carat, which is the weight, Color, Clarity which is the purity of the diamond and equally as important but hardest to ascertain and lastly, Cut, which refers to how beautifully the diamond is manufactured. It is most important to find a jeweler that you trust and feel will be a great coach when making one of the most beautiful and significant decisions in your life.”


Do research before making this important decision.  Determine a budget that you are comfortable with for the diamond and all jewelry work necessary to produce a beautiful ring. When deciding on where to purchase, listen to recommendations from friends and family, they’ve probably been down the road already. Work with someone who respects your budget and will deliver exceptional value.”

Jack can offer expert insight on celebrity engagement rings, tips on ring and diamond shopping and can speak on the hottest ring styles for 2019.  Solow & Co. has incredible rings of all shapes, sizes, styles and colors .



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