Every sneaker has a soul; every soul has a story. THE ART OF SNEAKERS on sale December 2019

The Art of Sneakers
by Ivan Dudynsky


Sneaker culture is one of the most dynamic forces in the world. It courses through the zeitgeist via fashion, sports, music, and especially art. Creators operating in a wide range of mediums–from sculpture and graphic design to origami and food–have been inspired by footwear fandom.

The Art of Sneakers (@theartofsneakers) shines a light on the next-level creativity springing from the Jordan generation and is a celebration of sneaker art and artists. One artist deconstructs the most sought-after, exclusive sneakers in the world and turns them into dizzyingly intricate masks. Another uses nothing more than pencil, paper, and an insane amount of patience to create stunning, photorealistic drawings of her favorite shoes. Yet another takes shoeboxes and cuts them into hundreds of pieces, shaping them into something like life-size cardboard taxidermy. With all the incredible offerings, this book brings together an unparalleled celebration of sneaker culture and the incredible art inspired by the movement.

The Art of Sneakers is presented by snkrINC (@snkrinc)–a media brand representing global sneaker culture. A stunning work of art in and of itself, the coffee table collector’s book is meant to serve as an inspiration for all artists, present and future, to make something beautiful from their passions.

“Every sneaker has a soul.” –iD

Ivan Dudynsky (@ivansky70) catapulted into Hollywood as a regular on the hit comedy show Roundhouse, scored a role in the Disney film Newsies, and has become an award-winning producer (NBC’s Songland, IFC Spirit Awards), director (VH1’s Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, NBC’s Hollywood Game Night, and Netflix’s Next In Fashion) and ceative director (Revolt TV, Nike, Apple). His latest venture is to launch lifestyle networks for obsessed audiences, including snkrINC for the global sneaker culture and Cellar Media as an informative and entertaining video platform for the next generation of wine enthusiasts. His extensive sneaker collection fueled the creation of this art project.

The Art of Sneakers by Ivan Dudynsky, published by powerHouse Books.  

Sneakers / Sneaker Art / Pop Culture
Hardcover, 8 x 10 inches, 184 pages
ISBN: 978-1-57687-955-9, $35.00 US / $47.00CAN


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