FAN SIYU SS2019 London


This is the first season of the brand — lust

My name is Fan Siyu, a knitting designer. Once I was a textile- knit majored student in London College of Fashion, but now I have successfully graduated and got the bachelor’s degree. I’m a designer keen to develop and expand the scope of social phenomenon.
That makes my design works internalize many surprising elements and lets my design collections are featured by various handcrafts.
Also my design collections urge me to do experiments with raw materials and motivate me to learn new knitting techniques and explore new ways for combing different clothes materials. Skillfully, domestic, chunky knitting machine and a dubied could be used during my designing.
Furthermore, wool felt is always used appropriately in my knitting works, among which techniques, like crochet and embroidery, are employed either.
In all, my most design is characterized with rich colors and complex techniques.
However, I could confidently to say that I do pretty well about the line between too much and too little, in another words, my design works could let you feel complicated but not cumbersome. And my future vision is to design something by certain likable ways, and then let people easily involve in the social phenomena through my works. 


From the social perspective, my current topic is researched and discussed around a small minority phenomenon.
The general background is some special groups arising from that people have produces a variety of psychological and behavioral changes in the huge-pressure social environment.
In many forms of expression, the research point I chose is adult baby syndrome.


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