Fashion House Sika’a Urges Fashionistas to Embrace African Designs and Culture

Fashion House Sika’a Urges Fashionistas to Embrace African Designs and Culture with Stunning, Vibrant Pieces

Sika’a, the fashion brand that brings consumers beautifully crafted African inspired designs, is urging more fashionistas to embrace the vibrant patterns and interesting heritage of African pieces. The fashion house argues that encouraging more people to purchase traditional African designs not only improves cultural understanding but can provide vital support to talented African designers.

 The statement follows renowned designer Stella McCartney receiving criticism for using Ankara print fabrics showcased by models of Caucasian and Asian descent in a runway show. The decision led to McCartney facing accusations of appropriation. While such prints have long been associated with African tradition, they originate from Indonesia and were replicated and mass-produced in the Netherlands, where much of Ankara prints are still produced, earning them the name of Dutch wax prints.

 Gompa Tchoudi, founder of Sika’a, said, “Rather than criticising designers that choose to use African inspired prints, it should be celebrated. African fashion is beautifully vibrant, and the continent is home to many incredible designers and businesses that can benefit from the publicity. Fashion is an essential medium for promoting traditions, culture, and a greater understanding.

 “Sika’a works with acclaimed Dutch wax prints firm Vlisco to bring stunning African fabrics and designs to a whole new audience that embraces the heritage of the pieces. We believe that all should be able to experience wearable African fashion.”

 Sika’a produces a collection of affordable, premium wardrobe staples that draw inspiration from African designs, including feminine dresses, edgy jackets, and must have accessories. Styles are classically bold, bright, and colourful. Through giving traditional African clothing items a modern vibe, the brand makes garments that are both unique and wearable for contemporary fashion lovers that want pieces that won’t go out of fashion.

 Core to Sika’a’s values is promoting a positive image of Africa and the creativity if the continent. Through its sustainability policies, ethical consumers know they’re supporting local artisans and communities that work to blend the tradition of African clothing with fresh, modern designs.

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Sika’a is an African inspired fashion house with an emphasis on tailoring and an electric use of custom-sourced African fabrics. The brand combines traditional African wear with an update, contemporary twist for truly unique garments designed with modern life in mind.



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