Fashion Maniac Presents: Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Surplus Zombies

Some of our work has or will include but not limited to: Food Drives, Blood Drives, Charity Walks, Clothing Drives, Cancer Awareness, Spina Bifida Awareness, Organ Donor Awareness, Fundraisers (Only handled by Official Representatives Of The Foundation and or Family Members Who are Directly Benefiting and NEVER by us).

Hire Our Blood Crew or Zombie Horde! Nothing draws attention more than a bloody crowd!

We specialize in Live Appearances to promote your: Event, Product, Business, Premiere, Grand Openings, Private Parties, Special Occasions, PLUS MORE!

We SUPPORT Western New York Charities, you should too…

For more information on how to book us for your next event, Please visit the contact section of our website To learn how to reach one of our associates.

Fashion Maniac
Photography by Cheryl Gorski
Video created by Kimberly Cohen
Clothing by Uncle Sam’s Army Navy Surplus
Models: Terror Technologies Zombies
“We Play Dead So Others May Live”

Music: Two Steps From Hell – United We Stand,  Divided We Fall (Archangel)



Managing Editor & Photographer of the Fashion Maniac team

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