Fashion For The Space Age

Breaking: Reaktor introduces the Node.js to the orbit 

We’re launching Finland’s first commercially built satellite,

Reaktor Hello World, in the summer of 2017.
The goal is not only to learn about the process and experiment with the software,  but also to share the key learnings with everyone – Reaktor press release, 2016

Bespoke apparel collections can help a company share the excitement of a pioneering project.

A Helsinki/Tokyo/New York based creative technology company, Reaktor set out in 2016 with their Hello World project – the first of it’s kind in Finland.
The merchandise to support the project, was to play an important role in Reaktor’s communication strategy, internal communication and recruitment outreach, so the apparel had to communicate the unique story, and be up to the standards of the project.
Helsinki/Finland based designer merchandise studio, Apparel & Lovers was the company with the competencies, vision and ambition for the task.

A Space Odyssey 

Our brief was to design a jacket inspired by the iconic outfits worn by NASA, astronaut suits, classic space travel imagery and science fiction.

Reaktor designed a mission badge for their satellite program, and wanted Apparel & Lovers to design an according ”mission jacket”, that the badge could be worn on.
The history of space exploration, as well as science fiction gave us a tremendous world to draw inspiration and ideas from.
Our personal affection to science, space and science fiction served to multiply the inspiration – We truly felt this was a work of our hearts and passion.
The classic astronaut suit was the core inspiration for the jacket we designed for Reaktor.
The design was also inspired by the costumes in the cult classic film, 2001 A Space Odyssey, by Stanley Kubrick.
The idea for the modular structure of the jacket, with the detachable sleeves and hidden hood in the collar, reminiscent of a helmet mount, was inspired by the astronaut suit, as well as the iconic opening scene of the classic film by Jane FondaBarbarella”, where she undressed from her space suit in zero gravity, with the modular pieces floating in her space ship.
Apparel & Lovers focuses on bringing style and innovation to the marketing communication of companies, with bespoke apparel and accessory collections, that draw inspiration from the world of high fashion.
The A&L ideology is to design and produce merchandise clothing for brands and companies with utmost creativity and passion.
Our statement is that if done correctly, merchandise can be a powerful tool for self-expression just as designer fashion.

At it’s core, merchandise is a fan product.

At Apparel & Lovers, we don’t make products for fans, we make fans with our products.
Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you would like us to take a swing at designing bespoke merchandise apparel for your brand!
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