Father’s Day 19

Happy Father’s Day from -417!
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“Your face is your canvas. Before makeup and other enhancers, beauty starts with your skincare.”



Changing the Face of Beauty

Born in Israel, Moty Fridman is recognized in the art world as an accomplished and innovative sculptor.

Though his art work has been around for years, Moty decided to enter another realm of beauty: skincare.

In 2003, Moty founded -417, a global skincare brand sold in more than 15 countries including France, Switzerland, Russia, Denmark and Argentina. Moty‘s modernist philosophy extends to beauty and beyond.

As an artist, Moty‘s continual passion for beauty and purity inspired him to create skincare products as the tools to help women become a master of their own art. -417‘s products are laid out in an order much like how an artist would paint, beginning with products to “prepare the canvas.”

*This amazing kit is offered for all orders of $100 and above.
From 1st June to 20th of June 2019.



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