Flying Solo NYFW FW2021 photos by CJ Rivera

(New York, NY) February 15th, 2021
Flying Solo’s show at NYFW took place on February 13th at an outdoor location, Soho Rooftop. Flying Solo showcased 83 brands from 18 countries including clothing, jewelry, shoes, bags, and other accessories.
“We’ve always represented fearless young brands, that are not scared to innovate and understand that a market shift always leads to an opportunity as long as you embrace change”, said Elizabeth Solomeina, Managing Director and Co-founder of Flying Solo.
“We chose to do a live NYFW show even though it meant significantly more work for us at Flying Solo. It was also extremely challenging to execute in order to comply with all the safety regulations.
It would’ve been much easier to organize and host a virtual show but we believed that this was a big moment for independent brands. It was their chance to get significantly more attention so we could not let them down and let the opportunity slip through their fingers”, Elizabeth added.
She continued: “Safety was definitely our number one priority, and we wanted to make sure that we kept our guests and staff safe during the event. Everyone was required to wear a mask and temperature checks for
staff were mandatory.” said Elizabeth Solomeina

About Flying Solo

Flying Solo is an innovative company that gives brands that are ready to expand into new markets a platform to succeed, through membership-based retail stores, leading-edge PR-showroom, and Fashion Weeks in New York, Paris, and Milan.
During a time when a lot of the retail stores are closing down due to the pandemic, Flying Solo not only stayed afloat but has also expanded in size, moving the old flagship location to a bigger venue on 420 W Broadway, formerly a Karl Lagerfeld and a DKNY
“We always knew that our innovative membership-based retail model is the only way forward and this year has proved that correct. Small brands have no resources to afford standalone stores in areas like Soho, NYC. They also can no longer afford to do quality
large-scale shows on their own” – said Elizabeth Solomeina.


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