Flying Solo Paris SS2020 photos by IMAXTree Part 1

Adam x Atelier with Jewelry by Iza by Silvia D’Avila

Agosto Cuellar, Headwear by Go Clothed

Art Point, Shoes by Fini Shoes


BJ Couture, Handbags by Amira Doucette and Caro New York, Jewelry by Ritique

Brodie Cashmere, Handbags by Amira Doucette

Camouflaged, Eyewear by Numi Paris

Cessani wityh Headwear by Go Clothed

Delayne Dixon,Handbags by Amira Doucette

Eddie Corps


Freakbutik, Shoes by Fini Shoes

Glass Cypress

Hannes Kettritzn, Jewelry by B Dodi Design, Eyewear by Numi Paris

Hiromi Asai ,Jewelry by B Dodi Design

House of Gillian Marie, Handbags by Volta Atelier, Jewelry by Ritique

J’Amemme with Jewelry by Ritique

Kristin Costa,Heaweaer by Tulip Kurdi New York

Laura Lobdell

Lily Street

Louis Chevalier

Maria Mauro Designs, Handbags from Amira Doucette,Heawear by Go Clothed


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