Positioned at the crossroads of the worlds of hip hop and fashion, French Deal creates a brand new approach to streetwear. Drawing inspiration from cosmopolitan, dynamic metropolises of the world, French Deal’s collections are infused with the assured, unabashed spirit of hip hop.

This label is a completely urban man who is relaxed and sophisticated in his everyday appearance as he is in his most formal attire.

Bringing together Italian, Senegalese or Indian savoir-faire with the French excellence of the « Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant », French Deal offers a unique wardrobe combining modernity with traditional workmanship

Each piece is created with the utmost attention to detail, whether it be in the treatment of the fabrics, the care given to each cut, or the study and selection of colors.

The result is that French Deal changes the norms of streetwear by combining creative originality with the quality of classic apparel

The genesis of the French Deal label is first and foremost the story of its creator, Steeven Kodjia. Having been a professional dancer, hip hop culture holds a special place in his life.

More than just a musical genre, it’s a creative style that makes him a true expert of street culture and shapes his unique conception of streetwear fashion. Thanks to a keen eye, Steeven is able to find original pieces in New York which he then makes available in France to a circle of connoisseurs. “Frenchy”, as he’s known in the US, enjoys his first breakthrough, and the groundwork is laid for the French Deal label.

In 2012, encouraged by his success, Steeven Kodjia decides to launch his first collection. Entirely made in France, it borrows from Hip Hop its great classics, enhancing them with original cuts and materials. Acclaimed by personalities from the worlds of sports, music and fashion, French Deal grabs the attention of Ousmane Dabo and Ian Mahinmi.

Attracted by Steeven Kodjia’s creativity and united by the love of hip hop culture, they soon become his partners. The three share a common vision of fashion, their association adds an international aura to the French Deal label.



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