‘From Time Stones To Timepieces: The Watches Of The Avengers’

From Time Stones To Timepieces: The Watches Of The Avengers

If you are currently stuck at home self-isolating, now could be the perfect time to work your way through The Avengers’ Infinity Saga – a decade’s worth of Marvel films.

Each of the 23 films – spanning Phases One, Two and Three – are currently available across the Now TV and Disney Plus streaming services, and will only take a measly 59 hours and 7 minutes to get through. Is there any better way to spend two and a half days in self-isolation? We don’t think so – but we’re not here to talk about that.

In this article, we take a detailed look at the watches some of the Earth’s mightiest heroes wear in and out of their movies. From time stones to timepieces, if you’re looking to tell the time like a superhero, we’ve got you covered.

Iron Man (Robert Downey Junior)

We start with the original Avenger – the man, or Iron Man, that started it all – Tony Stark.

Who would have thought that back in 2008 the relatively controversial Robert Downey Jr. would kick off one of the most popular franchises in cinematic history? Not many, in truth, but that’s exactly what happened.

It will probably come as no surprise to you but, being a billionaire philanthropist, Tony Stark can afford a fair few luxurious accessories – from Lamborghini sportscars to Lamborghini watches. Therefore, unless you’re made of money yourself, you might need a few bob available to wear the same watch as him. Take, for instance, the watch he wore at the premiere for Avenger’s Infinity War; an 18K Rose Gold Greubel Forsey GMT Tourbillon, costing a cool £430,000.

His most recently pictured watch though was the Rose Gold Zirconium De Bethune DB28 Tourbillon, which certainly follows the look and style of both Stark and Downey Jr. Featuring a unique shape and form unlike you’d see adorned on many other people’s wrist, it’s almost like he designed the watch himself…

Thor (Chris Hemsworth)

Having been an ambassador for TAG Heuer since 2015, Thor – well, Chris Hemsworth – is often seen sporting the Swiss brand’s timepieces. In fact, his collection is probably almost as mighty as his Mjölnir hammer.

In his most recent Avengers-associated outing during the Avenger’s Endgame press conference, the God of Thunder was spotted wearing a TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre Heuer 01. Featuring a black ceramic case and a skeleton style chronograph dial, this timepiece’s steamy appearance has ‘man’ written all over it, which certainly matches Hemsworth himself.

Spider-Man (Tom Holland)

After making his first appearance in Captain America: Civil War, the 13th film in the Infinity Saga, it’s safe to say Spider-Man was a relative latecomer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, Tom Holland’s casting as the friendly neighbourhood web-slinger has turned out to be a perfect choice, with his character set to carry on Marvel’s legacy into Phase Four.

After missing out on the Avenger’s Endgame premiere due to other filming obligations, we’ve had to go all the way back to Spiderman: Homecoming to find his preferred choice of timepiece. Being mentored by Tony Stark certainly seems to have had an effect on young Spider-Man’s taste, with the much-loved Avenger sporting a watch of similar expense and value to the billionaire: an 18K White Gold Cartier Santos-Dumont Skeleton.

This reliable timepiece has Spider-Man written all over it, featuring a classy web-like look that makes the second, minute and hour hands look as if they’re stuck to the case.

Starlord (Chris Pratt)

Peter Quill is a Guardian of the Galaxy known for his love of all things 80’s, old-fashioned and retro – and the actor who plays him is no different. Chris Pratt, who plays the fantastic Starlord, is a huge fan of the classic style of Cartier watches and has often been seen wearing a few different models.

Back at the Infinity War Premiere, for instance, Pratt was seen wearing a yellow gold Santos de Cartier – one of the classiest and most refined watches in their collection. However, he has been seen on various talk shows sporting both a Cartier Calibre de Cartier Chronograph and a Calibre de Cartier Diver as well.

While it may be true that Starlord knows a thing or two about watches, one thing we will never understand is why on earth he chose to punch Thanos in Avenger’s Infinity War… what was he thinking?!


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