Gender Neutral Streetwear | Carton Outerwear

 LA based, gender neutral street-wear brand Carton Outerwear  

Hazmat Jacket – $230

Yellow Poison Tee – $30

JPG Tee – $30
Carton is the label that provides design solutions to constraints of other outerwear brands.
Based on the concept of unity as the inspiration for versatile & functional outerwear products, Carton creates garments with simplistic design and moments of direct messaging using a genderless sizing chart.
We aspire to use clothing as a signifier of beliefs, and to create visual harmony between members of society who are fighting on the same side of the issue.
The only way to know who’s who during war is by the colors of their uniform.
Water Proof Clutter Raincoat – $95                                                                  Biohazard Windbreaker – $80



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