Global Cosmetic Innovation: Wrinkle-Reducing Make-Up Powder- mega trend at amazon US

Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder from Biotulin reduces wrinkles and provides moisture


The beauty secret of the stars

Biotulin’s vision is to reinvent cosmetics. We want to create a natural alternative to botulinum toxin. We want to develop products that ignite an immediate effect and do so on a purely plant-based basis. Important: out of conviction, we refrain from animal testing in the development of our products.

A face make-up powder that moisturizes and reduces wrinkles? Sounds like mission impossible. The German cosmetics brand Biotulin has succeeded in developing a face powder that combines exactly these properties indeed.

The secret of Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder are micro-fine liquid pearls, containing the wrinkle-reducing active ingredient combination Biotulin, which open and deliver the actives when applied to the skin.

The formula combines water-soluble extracts of Spilanthol, Imperata Cylindrica and Hyaluronic Acid. Independent efficacy studies show that the active ingredient combination Biotulin visibly reduces wrinkles in just 1 hour.

The silky texture of Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder also creates a flawless finish with light coverage.

The product is suitable for all skin types. Its formula is free of parabens and sulfates to protect the skin from dehydration. Moisture is essential for a flawless look and finish.

Hydrolon Magic Loose Powder is manufactured  exclusively in Germany and has been dermatologically tested with the result “very good”.

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