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Now that the busy holiday season is behind us, I wanted to reach out with a bit of New Year news from Mongolia’s leading cashmere brand Gobi Cashmere. who has unveiled three great new capsule collections for Winter 2024: cashmeREborn, Sport Casual, and Wholegarment.

The new capsule collections redefine luxury, sustainability, and craftsmanship – perfect for staying warm and cozy through another grueling winter season.

GOBI Cashmere is pleased to announce the launch of three new capsule collections this month, redefining luxury, sustainability, and craftsmanship – all ideal for staying warm and cozy through another grueling winter season. The three new capsules – cashmeREbornSport Casual, and Whole garment – incorporate GOBI’s core missions of sustainability and comfort while furthering the brand’s commitment to offering cashmere for all.


Flowers from Waste – A More Noble Use of Waste

This month, GOBI Cashmere introduces the 2024 cashmeREborn collection, an innovative endeavor born from the brand’s conscious production philosophy. The collection thoughtfully repurposes waste generated during cashmere processing, offering a second life to discarded materials.


The collection’s specialty lies in the conscious reuse of raw materials, turning waste into virgin cashmere transformed into elegant pieces. This process achieves the ambitious “zero waste” goal, resulting in a significant reduction in water and energy usage and a notable decrease in CO2 emissions. Unexpected, one-of-a-kind colors emerge from the waste yarn, eliminating the need for additional dyes and chemicals.


Shop GOBI’s CashmeREborn Collection: https://www.gobicashmere.com/us/collections/cashmereborn/

Sport Casual

Casual Comfort Enveloped in Cashmere

The Sport Casual collection also debuts, marrying everyday comfort with the luxurious touch of cashmere. Sport Casual incorporates sports-inspired details, mixing contrasting hues into everyday outfits, resulting in an utterly unique style. A versatile assortment for both men and women and a viable addition to any wardrobe, the collection includes cardigan polos, hoodies, pants, and zipper polos.


Shop GOBI’s Sport Casual Collection: https://www.gobicashmere.com/us/collections/sports-casual/

Wholegarment Collection

Cashmere Without Seams

The groundbreaking Wholegarment Collection, launching on December 14, represents a paradigm shift in cashmere craftsmanship. Crafted without seams, these garments offer unparalleled comfort, environmental benefits, and extended durability.


This collection’s specialty lies in its comfortable wear, achieved by seamless construction that is particularly gentle on sensitive skin. Beyond the comfort, there are noteworthy environmental benefits, requiring less energy, water, and labor, contributing to both environmental and economic sustainability. The absence of seams also reduces waste, eliminating issues related to color, pattern, and design combination.


Cashmere Sneakers


About GOBI Cashmere:

For over 40 years, GOBI Cashmere has been Mongolia’s premier cashmere brand. GOBI believes in traceability in every seam; from their factory in Ulaanbaatar and their local sourcing partners in Mongolia to the very goat from which the cashmere is sourced. GOBI believes that great cashmere should be comfortable, sustainable, humane, and within budget. GOBI combines centuries-old craftsmanship with modern manufacturing expertise, with materials that are made to endure, and styles designed for longevity. With no middlemen, waste, or complicated production, symbiotic respect is woven into the very way GOBI operate

Shop GOBI’s Wholegarment  Collection: https://www.gobicashmere.com/us/pages/3d-knit-collection/

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