Good Shoes Take You Good Places!

Are you looking to add a unique piece to your outfit?
With the mismatched shoes being the next big trend, UWEZO has the perfect shoes to complete your outfit!
Each shoe is unique on it’s own because of the different patterns from the natural hair-on cowhide.
This fashion forward brand also generates scholarship funds for Empower African Children with a percentage of their profits! Shop for a cause with the fashion forward features from UWEZO!

A Step Into Style & Substance With UWEZO

Put your best foot forward with a brand that encourages African children through education

Searching for a stylish shoe that doesn’t lack substance?

Empower your outfit and others with the unique, radiant and strong designs from UWEZO!

 Transcending age, race, gender, economic status, and fashion trends, UWEZO translates to “talent, capacity, ability” in Swahili – the best shoe to take you there and get it done.

With each dollar you spend, you create the world you want to live in.

Fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression – show the world what you think and what you care about with UWEZO.

Formed in November of 2014 by founder Alexis Hefley, UWEZO came from humble beginnings.

From one-on-one interactions with loyal customers to utilizing social media as a key resource, UWEZO has grown their brand into the committed company it is today.

Inspired by the formation of Hefley’s nonprofit Empower African Children, UWEZO found a new way to benefit the community that reaches beyond the classroom.

Shop for a cause with the fashion forward features from UWEZO:

  • Natural hair-on cowhide
  • Top stitching detail
  • Modern, courageous style
  • Mottled patterns unique to each hide
 Step into style, substance and sophistication with a brand that inserts doing good with every stride –  shop UWEZO!

A nonprofit formed in 2006, Empower African Children aims to help underprivileged children of Africa by creating a transformative and globally connected learning experience, giving voice and hope to Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable children.

A percentage of UWEZO’s profits generate scholarship funds for Empower African Children and opportunity for East Africans.

Visit to find your perfect pair.

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