Grab Your Migraine Magick Roll On Before You Board The Plane for Holiday Break

Tried healing my migraines the conventional way for over 30 years.

It wasn’t until I stopped looking at them for the perspective of pain relief to one of a solution.

If you don’t know my story, I had chronic migraines for 30 years.

I did tons of research and energy work integrating western and eastern medicine.

I also put everything I learned into practice.

But it wasn’t until my daughter came downstairs 5 years ago tattered blankie in hand.
She said, “Mommy my head hurts, my belly aches, sound and light hurt me. My hands and feet are cold, help me Mommy.”
In that moment I believe Migraine Magick was created although I wouldn’t know it for a while.
I made a sacred contract to myself that I was going to change the trajectory of her life.
She was not going to follow in my migraine footsteps.
The minute I shifted my perception to one of personal pain relief to one of a solution to problem with absolutely no resistance to the answers; I was able to create a migraine solution.
What I couldn’t do for myself I was able to do with a Mother’s Love.
A Mother’s Love is a an unparalleled power.
It is atomic, relentless, it is unstoppable.
And you don’t have to have human children to know it.
That being said, once I transformed my migraines physically and energetically because you have to do both to sustainably feel better; and I helped enough people manage their migraines, I built my confidence enough to continue to birth other remedies…the rest of The Magick Brand.
The Magick Brand is ultimately a technology to heal oneself in a fun, healthy, happy manner to expand our consciousness.
Try pitching that to America…
and it works…
The proof is in my customer base & testimonials who are not only repeat customers but people I genuinely like who genuinely want to live the most authentic life they can.
I will be migraine free on a beach in a few days!

The sun and beach were always tough for me b/c of migraines but now its a whole new MIGRAINE FREE WORLD for me because of Migraine Magick!”-Taryn Cabral

I can personally attest to the powerful manifestation qualities of Meditation Magick. It helped me hear my guides loud and clear, and it brought me closer to my higher self. It guided me toward truth & honesty and self care. It strengthened my third eye and third ear abilities, enabling me to see through the illusion and even clearer than before. It resonates with each sign to help bring into balance their strongest qualities. I am forever grateful for this spray and the transformation it has facilitated in my life.” – Jen Schwartz
If I can help them I do and if I cannot I direct them to someone or some remedy I think can.
Expanding consciousness is an asset.
There is so much we are not taught growing up.
And unfortunately we are programmed at birth by other people’s beliefs because they didn’t know better.
All a belief is a thought one keeps thinking.
I could go on and on…but the point of this email is to share my vision with you if you are interested.
I have been working with a musician named Theo who is brilliant and has BEYOND AMAZING energy.
We are working on creating healing & transcending audios built to pair with The Magick Brand sprays.
The sprays are intentionally engineered to heal you on a physical and soul level. If you don’t believe in energy or that you can heal your feelings all you have to do is think of your favorite song.
Imagine you are driving and your fav song comes on and you start trying to tune it in so you get a clearer sound.
Your energy is very similar you have to tune in and tune up to get the vibration you want. And…this requires mediation as well.
So I am creating a meditations to help you tune in and meditate and find your frequencies so you can feel better.
The sprays will do this as well alone.
The meditations can do this on their own but when the two are combined…it’s a home run.
There is nothing like this in the world.
This is brand new 21st century healing at its finest and healthiest.
And you my friends are truly the first to hear about it!
So if you would like a taste of a Magick Experience: take your spray…shake it up spray any areas of tension.
If you know what your aura is bomb your entire auric field until you feel your cells lighting up and literally coming back online.
And then then listen to one of these audios I am including and allow the music to carry your cells into harmony.

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