The Grand Dame of Vintage, Marilyn Kirschner, Curates A Shoppable Exhibit At This Season’s Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show (Feb. 2 & 3)

This season’s show will be especially notable, as vintage fashion icon Marilyn Kirschner will be curating the seasonal exhibit, which will include a 30-piece collection from her personal archives.
Marilyn is the former Fashion Editor for Harper’s Bazaar and was a noted muse of famed fashion photographer Bill Cunningham.
Her 30-piece collection will include pieces from Emilio Pucci, Pierre Cardin, Bill Blass, Lanvin, Givenchy, Courreges, and many more.
To other vintage shoppers, Marilyn says, If you love something but can’t immediately figure out what you might do with it, or how you would wear it, don’t worry. I can guarantee that if you love it, you’ll figure it out later. It’s all about what you love and what appeals to you. Trust your eye and your instincts. Be open minded and think outside the box.”
In addition to the show’s featured exhibit, 70+ vendors will be on hand exploring all the decades of fashion.
New vendors this season include Lucinda From Portobello—selling chic designer fashion and high style vintage from London, and True Vintage Eyewear—with an authentic range of designer vintage frames from certified optometrists
The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show Returns to NYC February 2nd & 3rd This season’s featured exhibit is pulled directly from the archives of Marilyn Kirschner

 New York, NY—The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show, NYC’s premier vintage shopping event, makes its Winter return to the Metropolitan Pavilion on February 2nd & 3rd, with a special shoppable exhibit curated by lifelong vintage collector and former Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Editor, Marilyn Kirschner.
The exhibit will display a 30-piece collection pulled from her personal archives.
Marilyn Kirschner is a fashion icon and industry leader. As the current editor-in-chief of popular online publication The Look Online, Marilyn has made her mark as a preeminent voice in fashion.
She understood the power of vintage long before it hit the mainstream and continues to lead the way in determining trends and defining style. Her remarkable eye for fashion began at an early age when Kirschner would go thrifting and vintage shopping to create her own unique looks.
Over the years, Kirschner has made regular appearances in Bill Cunningham’s most noted columns in The New York Times, “On the Street”, and “Evening Hours”.
As a noted muse of Cunningham’s, Kirschner was even the subject of an entire 18 picture “On the Street” column in the Times in 2001, entitled ‘The Color of Money (In the Bank)’.
This season’s exhibit will be especially noteworthy, as many of the items shown were purchased by Kirschner over the past 25 years at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show.
For me, it’s all about the serendipity of the shopping experience and at this show you just know you will never be disappointed, nor will you walk away empty handed. I am avowedly an equal opportunity shopper, and when I looked over my collection and thought of the amazing pieces I have amassed over the years, I can honestly say that many, if not most of my most treasured pieces were purchased at one of these shows,” says vintage icon, Marilyn Kirschner.
“I’m so honored and excited to be the focus of this season’s exhibit, and to be opening up my collection to other vintage enthusiasts.”
 Kirschner says the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is so special and unique because of, “the dizzying variety, amazing assortment, and the perfectly curated mix of top notch dealers,” and her advice for show visitors, “Don’t be bogged down by trends, they’re so overrated. What’s good is always good, and everything comes back in style anyway. It’s not about what is deemed ‘in’ or ‘it’ by so called experts. It’s about what appeals to you.”
 Launched in 1992, the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show is now the largest, and oldest, vintage apparel & accessories show in the country.
Featuring top vendors from around the world, it has become a true shopping mecca for fashion & costume designers and vintage fashion lovers alike.
Hosting 70+ vendors, Manhattan Vintage will produce an event full of vintage finds that explore the decades of fashion.
This season will see a number of new vendors including Lucinda From Portobello—selling chic designer fashion and high style vintage from London, and True Vintage Eyewear—with an authentic range of vintage frames from certified optometrists.
Staple vendors will also be returning to celebrate their shared love for vintage, including Cherry Vintage, Another Man’s Treasure, What Was Is Vintage, BUIS and Whistles, SwaneeGRACE, La Poubelle Vintage, and many more.
 The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show will be open at the Metropolitan Pavilion on Friday, February 2nd (1pm to 8pm) and Saturday, February 3rd (11am-6pm).


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