Hair Hacks: Reverse Washing and Other Healthy Hair Victories

HAIR HACKS: Reverse Washing & Other Healty Hair Victories!

Shampooing your hair too often can lead to very dry, parched strands or a very oily scalp

(as the over stripping of the natural oils makes the scalp release excess oils to compensate for the lack of sebum).

Hack your hair care routine with the “conditioner first, shampoo after” method, also known as reverse washing.

The idea behind this method is that the conditioner hydrates first and then the shampoo cleanses and removes any excess weight that the conditioner leaves behind. Both thin hair and those with dry, damaged hair can benefit from reverse washing.


You are the true winners when it comes to who benefits most from reverse washing.

  Conditioners contain oils and other emollients that coat hair and can be too heavy for thin hair.

Therefore, the classic method of conditioning after shampooing can make thin hair oily, flat, and limp.

Conditioning before shampooing on the other hand, allows thin hair to receive nutrients without weighing the hair down.


Those who overdid it and ended up with dry or damaged hair can also benefit from reverse washing.

The difference from thin hair application however is that dry or damaged hair requires extra nourishment.

So, apply conditioner to hair, shampoo, rinse, and then apply another coat of conditioner.

Thoroughly rinse the second coat of conditioner from hair as you would normally do.

To read our complete 4-step guide on how to properly and effectively clean your strands using the reverse washing method, click here to continue reading.


1. Use just water! We are programmed to shampoo to cleanse hair but it may not be necessary to use a shampoo every day to cleanse hair. If you are shampooing every day, try rinsing your hair in between shampoos with just water instead, as water alone has some cleansing properties. Massage the scalp to break down buildup. Apply conditioner to ends of hair and rinse. Style as usual.

2. Add a dry shampoo to your routine! Another great way to cleanse hair without using a conventional shampoo is adding a dry shampoo to your routine. A dry shampoo offers a practical, water-free way to cleanse hair and absorb oils while leaving hair with a pleasant scent and additional body.

3. Dry shampoo works for dry hair and oily hair! Dry shampoo is beneficial to dry hair because you don’t have to conventionally shampoo your hair as often. If you have dry hair, washing your hair too often can actually strip away too much of your scalp’s healthy oils and lead to even drier, damaged hair. If you have oily hair, dry shampoo is useful because it offers a quick pick-me-up for your hair and can be used during the day to avoid limp hair in the afternoon hours.

4. Use only the conditioner and skip the shampoo! If you have extremely dry hair, you can benefit from washing your hair with conditioner alone and skipping the shampoo altogether. The conditioner has some natural cleansing properties that will also moisturize hair leaving hair refreshed.



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