Hannah Brown’s Road To Fashionista

How The Bachelorette’s Hannah Brown Tiptoed Her Way Into Fashion. . .  

For the finale of the season, Hannah wore a long sequin gown teasing leg through a thigh-high slit.

New York, New York — The most recent star of ABC’s heavily viewed show ‘The Bachelorette’ Hannah Brownhas been adding gas to the rig every since she surfaced on the scene of reality TV. Her growing popularity has continued to be fueled by her onscreen drama and her temporary home on Dancing With The Stars. And in her flourishing spotlight, Brown has showcased her sweet-tooth for fashion in pieces like the semi-revealing white gown with bows worn on GMA, the floral print wrap-dress worn on Extra or the powder blue jumpsuit hugged by an overskirt designed by Randi Rahm for the trailer of The Bachelorette.

Hannah Brown has made headlines since her Bachelorette debut, and most recently as winner of Dancing With The Stars.

Her amazing journey, has been filled with fashionable moments on and off-screen

Here she looks like a pure Southern-belle in a flared, floor caressing gown and subtle plunging neckline.

The jumpsuit and overskirt was created in about 36 hours in the midst of silhouette, color and fabric changes surrounding the development of the piece, and time ticking on a closing market while materials were still being pulled to order but — Rahm’s studio completed the design to perfection. While that sort of movement would seem to slow any other team/studio down, the couture veteran knows her design craft, production strategies and how to navigate under last minute demands.

Alongside her stylist Cary Fetman, Hannah has tiptoed her way into the fabrics of luxury/high-end fashion labels; slowly but surely showing us that she has the taste for eye-candy clothing. Fetman is a longtime friend of Randi’s — the pair collaborates often as it relates to The Bachelorette franchise and Hannah has worn a host of looks from the studio of Randi Rahm. Let’s take a look:

Hannah for the trailer of The Bachelorette Season 15 in the powder blue jumpsuit and overskirt
The Bachelorette star bared a lot of skin in this semi-sequin, embroidered gown for an important date night on the show later in the season.


Randi Rahm is a couture atelier housing evening-wear and bridal that stands on sleek designs, quality over speed, expertise rather than market domination, materials with exacting details and careful construction of garments. The atelier has custom-made pieces and wardrobed talent such as Billy Porter, Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, Eva Longoria, Carrie Underwood, etc. Her designs have also been seen numerous times on ABC Network’s popular show The Bachelorette. For over 25 years, our vision has been one that aims to epitomize a sense of elevated values in delicacy, creativity and design. Our craftsmen at Randi Rahm always enjoy the challenge of very special projects, using their ingenuity and attention to detail to bring a design to life or to create a truly made-to-measure custom piece. A pure cross-expression of style and art is always our top priority.


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