Harper Wilde Teams Up with For Days to Recycle Your Bras

Harper Wilde Teams Up with For Days to Recycle Your Old Bras

NEW YORK, NY – January 17, 2019

Did you know manufactured textiles including common synthetics found in bras such as polyester, spandex, and nylon may take any where from 20 to 200 years to completely break down!
With slower rates of decomposition, literally tons of today’s used bras may be around for decades, if not centuries.
Heavily-used bras are also not accepted by most charities for donation.
To help women find a sustainable way to tidy up,  Harper Wilde is teaming up with For Days to launch a new recycling initiative to help divert worn out and no longer wearable bras from landfills.

The no BS bra brand will be including a return label in each package that can be used to send old product that needs to be recycled.
When you receive a new bra from them, simply place your old bras back in the box they sent you, affix the included prepaid return shipping label, and voila Harper Wilde and For Days will take care of the rest.
Just like Harper Wilde, For Days has a Zero Waste approach which means that they will send a “Recycle” mailer with their product.
They house a recycling facility in Guatemala that breaks down each material. By recycling your bra, you eliminate harmful waste in landfills.
This initiative will be available indefinitely.


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