Hemp Eyewear Officially Launches asWorld’s First Sustainable Sunglass Line Made From Hemp Fibre

 Hemp Eyewear. This eco-friendly sunglasses are stunning and entirely made of hemp fibre and water.

Every pair made significantly reduces the use of harmful plastics and other materials.

Yous can look great and feel good about what you’re wearing.

Offered in three different styles, there will be a pair to match everyone’s style.

  1. WALDEN – Named after the book by Henry David Thoreau, made in a deep blue coloring from eco dye to create a bold frame with a strong outdoorsy feel.
  2. MUIR -Named after John Muir, one of the first American environmentalists. This pair was created in a darker color for a more earthy, classic option.

EDEN – Named after a beautiful river in Scotland, which is where our eyewear is handcrafted (and water being our key ingredient). These frames represent our unique hemp material in all of its unfiltered glory. The plant fibres are left in their natural state with absolutely no coloring whatsoever to create a beautiful, organic beige tone on their own, and the individual strands of the plant can be seen in the material.

Each pair of sunglasses has 100% UV400 protection lenses so there is never a reason to worry about eye damage from the sun. With Hemp Eyewear’s nickel spring hinges, each pair of frames will fit anyone’s head, no matter the size or shape.


“During my final year of university, I searched for the most sustainable material on earth and stumbled upon hemp, which was the most beneficial material in every category,” says Sam Whitten, Founder of Hemp Eyewear. “After analysing the growing sustainable eyewear market, I found hundreds of brands making bamboo and wood frames, but none used hemp. That is where the idea to create Hemp Eyewear came from and I am so excited to offer people such a   unique and sustainable product.”

With Hempcare, the team promises to repair customers’ sunglasses for life. If a customer  wants to change their old frames, instead of throwing them out, they can send them back to be recycled correctly. They’ll also receive 50% off their next pair and a replacement pair will be offered for frames that cannot be repaired.

Based out of Edinburgh, Scotland, the Hemp Eyewear team is made up of a group of passionate, hard-working designers. They have developed a world first sustainable technology using hemp that can replace plastics for some applications. Collectively, they know there is a need to reduce carbon emissions and reducing plastic usage is part of this. Their line of frames do just that. The Hemp Eyewear team is ecstatic to bring the world’s first hemp fibre sunglasses to market. For more information, visit https://hempeyewear.com/.

Don’t miss your chance to share Hemp Eyewear with your readers! They are still available to pre-order.

Hemp Eyewear, visit the campaign page at pr.go2.fund/hempeyewear.


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