Hermès MENS SS2021 photo by Fillippo Fior

As usual Hermès centralized its clothing line on its rich textiles and carefree details.
Collarless harrington jackets, ribbed sweaters and striped layers in various hues meshed insouciantly, upholding the house’s zest for breezy, comfortably styling.
This motif was driven home by drawstring slacks, rolled shirts, thoughtlessly popped collars and Hermès’ signature leather belt, tucked into itself to allow the tail to fly free. Illustrative abstract patterns grace shirts cut with just enough slouch to billow out from the elasticated waistbands they were tucked into, subverting any sense of stiffness.
A host of leather-accented items, including watches, necklaces and duffel bags, were even more minimal than the subtly stylish garments.
For more context, view the menswear line on Hermès website.



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