Hermione De Paula Fall 2020 Bridal Collection photos by Alistair Vlok and Kristin Vicari

Les Jardins d’Ahimsa (Gardens of Peace) 

For Fall 2020 Hermione de Paula celebrates the sustainable aspect of timeless design as we invite our brides to take a walk through her embroidered garden. With the future in mind, the pieces and prints for our new collection have been created from the HdeP botanical archives, showcasing 11 years of the House of HdeP’s heritage and our belief that beauty does not have an expiry date.

The most challenging theme this season was to show the possibility of transformation. To take the gown and create a new dress for another event using interchangeable sections which can be restyled across multiple moments to reveal new looks worn again in the future. Dramatic trains trimmed away so the dress can dance another day whilst their secret messages are framed, and cherished, personalized capes worn instead of veils to shimmy on another occasion and be loved as works of wearable art.

We believe if you’re buying something, buy something you love, and you’ll treasure. All of the Hermione de Paula pieces are tailored in London by our small atelier of all female artisans, celebrating heritage skills and bespoke production. They are intended to be worn long after the initial celebration is over and remodeled, so they can bloom again with new energy and passed down for later generations to enjoy as heirlooms.  Les Jardins d’Ahimsa collection represents Hermione’s ever-growing botanical library and the inspiration she takes from a garden’s multiple flowering times throughout the seasons.

Re-wearing beloved items maximizes their useful life and is a respectful and economic use of the hundreds of hours of craftsmanship and resources invested in their creation.  This season we have worked with existing gowns, fabrics and finishings as a creative design challenge to help avoid virgin material production, combat waste and optimize natural resources already spent.  Creativity can care so this collection is less about new things and more about the possibility of transformation inspired by something you already have.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust

A donation from the sale of each gown will be made to the following charities Hermione de Paula supports: The Rainforest Alliance and Greenpeace. For more information please enquire.

Credits -Midnight Rose:

Photography: Alistair Vlok @alistairvlok

Floral Set Designer: Lucie Newbegin @bud_flora

Model: Lois Wall @loiswall

Makeup & Hair: Khandiz Joni @ khandiz.com

Retouching: Gisela Calitz giselacalitz.com

Credits – Dusky Rose: 

Photography: Kristin Vicari @kristinvicari

Floral Set Designer: Lucie Newbegin @bud_flora

Model: Shanti @shanti.kali

Makeup: Roberta Kearsey @beautybyberti

Hair: Shaun Mcintosh @tosh_hair

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