Hubane by Owen Hammel VFILES NYFW SS2024

VFILES (aka VFILES FOUNDATION) hosted the Hubane Runway show at the newly envisioned 12 Mercer Street location, formerly the VFILES Store. This was his first runway show, which showcased his debut collection, “HUBANE A47.” Tuesday, September 12th, VFILES also hosted

Hubane recently announced the release of their new Vernum Products, combining the wheels of both Fashion and Abstract art into one, for this season’s NYFW. Created and patented by founder Israel Yanir, Vernum Material is waterproof, durable, long-lasting, and has a visual appeal that resonates closely with an Alien Planet and will be showcased at this runway show. Hubane has a core identity aimed in the action of redefining Reality, which pushes his vision into the next era of Street High Fashion. His designs are inspired by industrialism and Cyberpunk-Futurism; Israel applied his signature Vernum patterns, textures, and silhouettes to bring his collection to life.


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