If you like house music, mantras and hi vibe energy here is a gift…

The Magick Mantra Ek Ong Kar

This is a Magick Mantra. But, it is also a technology for you to infuse your body at a cellular level with pure energy and infuse your mind with healing sounds.
You can enjoy it as dance music or you can use it to your benefit.
There are two ways I suggest working with this mantra. By the way this is one of the most powerful mantras! Be careful what you wish for because you will get it!
You can listen to this for 40 days as a sadhana and superimpose one intention of whatever you would like to create in your life.
This mantra is structured with over 108 repetitions to awaken all of your nadi”s/meridians.
The sounds create balance in your brain hemispheres bringing you into the zero point, void, the field a place in your brain where you are not in resistance.
Or, like I did listened to it on repeat for 4 days until it was installed in my brain and I woke up one morning with it playing on repeat. I the Magick Mantra to detour limiting beliefs, I use it to stay focused, I use it to create miracles, I use it when I need energy and feel to LAZY to get out of my own way.
The chosen sounds and beats of the music help get you moving and energy flowing through your chakra system.
This audio is meant to be paired with one of the Magick Sprays…but not necessary in the begining.

What the Magick sprays do when you spray your auric field and work with your energy system is light up the photons in your cells, create a molecular whirl so that all your cells vibrate harmoniously creating greater magnetism in your energy. When you pair this with the audio you literally become a BEACON of attraction for whatever you wish to create.

I created it with all of this in mind but honestly since I love to meditate. I wanted something I could keep out of resistance, constantly realign with whatever I want and so I still am a housewife, mom and I still have the daily chores that don’t light me up like they once used to but when I BLAST THIS MANTRA OVER AND OVER AND SPRAY MYSELF I SAIL THROUGH TASKS



You get my 30+ years of experience as a chronic migraineur..so you know I get you. And you get over 10 years of my research & development into specifically healing chronic migraines physically, energetically, emotionally & spiritually. I integrate western medicine, eastern philosophies, TCM, meditation, mindfulness, quantum physics & magick to assess and evaluate the best approach and technique for your healing on all levels…which is the by the way the only way to sustainably heal. Once you learn some of these tools you can apply them to any area in your life. This is a 60 minute call via phone or video.


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