I’ll Have a Slice

Ziad Nakad Inspired Cake

Dubai-based pastry chef Reema Siraj,  was included in the Cake Talks Oman cake exhibition.
The model-esque structure was designed after a dress by Beirut wedding gown designer, Ziad Nakad. that matched her fondness for lace and pearls with intricate details and embellishments,  A  life-sized cake can match your bridal outfit and your own body shape. Ladies, imagine the insta-moment when you and your cake are standing together at your reception!

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Contact Reema through her website: http://www.reemasirajstudio.com/

Project materials (fondant and gum paste) sponsored by Satin ice

Photo credit: Paula Scalco

Videographer: Max Poriechkin 

Cake designed, executed and presented by: Reema Siraj


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