Imitation of Christ NYFW SS2021 photos IMAXtree

Twenty years after its inception, Imitation of Christ has risen once again for it’s long-awaited return to NYFW – and an unprecedented one at that. The collection was inspired by heroic acts of courage, standing up for civil rights and working hard to promote unity during times that are appalling such as these.

To bring the collection to life, Tara Subkoff called upon a group of LA-based teenage female skateboarders to create a film showcasing their talents. These young women are brave, confident, stylish and literally can fly on their boards. They are fearless and heroic, in a time that is suffocating with the fear of what is coming next. In such a male-dominated sport, these young girls’ tenacity is inspiration enough that the possibilities are endless if you continue to fight for equality and justice for all.

Imitation of Christ is a conceptual art project and fashion label started by former American art students Matthew Damhave and Tara Subkoff. The project initially began as an art collective, evolving into a fashion line made up of entirely recycled pieces of clothing, which Subkoff and others hand-sewed.  


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