Initio Parfums Privés Introduces Narcotic Delight

Initio Parfums Privés‘ latest indulgence in the Carnal Blends collection – “Narcotic Delight” “Narcotic Delight” is not just a fragrance; it’s a symphony of seduction, enriched with an overdose of Hedione to awaken your carnal desires.

Overdose in its intoxicating blend of vanilla, pink pepper, cognac, and more.



Introducing Narcotic Delight
This fragrance mirrors the alluring interplay of revealing and concealing in a world where private lives unfold publicly online. Narcotic Delight is an olfactive homage to the modern experience of watching and being watched, offering notes that whisper secrets of our interconnected, exhibitionist world, wrapped in the mystery and allure of our shared digital narrative. A sensual shot of provocation dares you to indulge in this unexpected proposition.
Product Information:
  • Name: Narcotic Delight
  • Price: $380 | 90mls
  • Description: A Sensual Shot of Provocation! It set its sights on the erogenous VANILLA BEAN, electrified by PINK PEPPER, drenched in a draught of COGNAC, before finally succumbing to the intoxicating swirls of a cigar. A cheeky twist of plump and juicy CHERRY celebrates the indulgence of a polished proposition.
The Power of Hedione:
At the heart of the fragrance lies hedione, a molecule that stimulates the brain’s pleasure centers and acts as the final trigger in a decidedly carnal formula. On average, Initio fragrances contain 10-15x the hedione of other brands. This overdose effect is the very inspiration of Narcotic Delight.
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