Initio Parfums Privés | NEO

Initio released Oud for Greatness NEO! This gourmand fragrance house is truly leading in functional fragrances. Just today there was an article in Forbes, talking about how they use the chemical compound Hedione to stimulate the limbic system and create desire for the wearer and those they are around!
Initio has learned to harness the full power of the scent-mind connection to create an experience that goes beyond mere smell, tapping into modern scientific advancements and forgotten spiritual practices such as the use of Palo Santo and White Sage for cleansing.
NEO is the latest example of Initio’s dedication to excellence!
Priced at $430 for 90ml, this luxurious addition to their Black & Gold Collection features:
  • Oud: Your mind stimulant, enhancing mental and psychic functions.
  • Fir Balsam: Your catalyst for empowerment, boosting confidence and determination.
  • Bergamot: Your mood enhancer, uplifting and reducing anxiety.
  • Orpur® Lavender: Your path to serenity, calming and relieving stress.

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