INITIO Parfums Privés

  • Presenting Sound Therapy, an immersive experience curated by INITIO to recalibrate and revitalize the body. Immerse yourself in INITIO’s inaugural immersive audio encounter at 432 Hz, complementing their renowned Hedonist line. Indulge in the rhythmic waves for the ultimate beauty experience.
  • Multisensory Experience: The Sound Therapy fragrance offers a truly immersive and multisensory experience, engaging both the sense of smell and hearing. By incorporating carefully composed soundscapes into the fragrance formulation, Initio Parfums Privés has elevated the art of perfumery to a new level.
  • Wellness and Self-care Focus: Sound Therapy aligns with the growing trend of wellness and self-care, providing individuals with a unique tool to enhance their well-being.
  • Enhanced Well-being and Emotion: The Sound Therapy fragrance not only aims to provide a unique sensory experience but also to enhance well-being and evoke specific emotions. The carefully crafted soundscapes are designed to complement the fragrance’s notes, creating a harmonious and immersive journey that uplifts the mood and engages the mind.



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