Introducing Home Rituals from I am Creation

I am Creation‘s Home Rituals aim to enhance one’s home environment while reshaping the artistry of human connection.

As a lifestyle brand committed to redefining contemporary luxury and enhancing the art of living, I am Creation has introduced curated Home Rituals for various spaces within the home.

Each ritual is accompanied by a unique Rumi book exemplar, offering a distinctive and thoughtful experience.

  • The Bathroom Home Ritual, a curated experience designed to transform your daily routines into moments of tranquility and self-care. Included in the Bathroom Ritual is a blue crystal, a purifying soap bar, a bespoke botanical blend in lavender, a flower bowl, a dreamy eucalyptus smudge, incense, an incense holder, and a roll-on oil perfume with a uniquely developed scent (exclusive to I am Creation) to bring alignment and focus.
  • The Kitchen Home Ritual, focused on aligning the space where we feed our bodies and minds. Included are a carefully sourced selection of elements including honey, an infused candle, a bespoke botanical blend in pink rose, a selenite bowl, incense and an incense holder.
  • The Bedroom Home Ritual, encouraging one to be clear and present in the place they rest and recharge. Elements to help in this area include a sound bowl, incense and an incense holder, a bespoke botanical blend in rosebud, and a heart selenite bowl.
  • The Entry Home Ritual allows you to set clear intentions the moment you enter the door. Included in the Entryway Home Ritual are a crystal, a gold wand, a candle, incense, an incense holder, a signature botanical blend in red rose, and a flower bowl.
  • The Living Home Room Ritual is designed to enhance mindfulness and connection in the heart of your home. The Living Room Home Ritual includes a crystal, a gold wand, a signature botanical blend, a candle, incense, an incense holder, Lavender smudge, and a Moon Selenite Bowl.


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