Introducing Model and Fashion Influencer Victoria Barbára

Victoria Barbára is an established model, influencer and soon-to-be lifestyle blogger. With an impressive 1M followers on Instagram, Victoria uses her platform to highlight her momentous modeling career, spread healthy food & fitness tips, and to share her love of lavish, high-end fashion. Aside from social media, you can find Victoria throughout pages of timeless magazines such as Elle, Marie Claire, GQ, and Women’s Health, just to name a few.
To add to Victoria’s list of accolades, she is set to launch her new lifestyle blog by the end of August 2019. Her goal is to showcase her love for luxury fashion, exotic travel destinations, and wellness suggestions, even touching on anxiety and mental health.
Victoria dreams for her blog to be a space where her followers can find inspiration to live their most authentic lives, and to have a place where they can find the encouragement to do so.


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