Irina Terekhova Fall 2017

« s e n s u a l i t y r e v e r s e d » 

 While women’s fashion most often celebrates clothes that are visible on the outside, collection «Sensuality reversed» diverge from the norm by focusing on what’s underneath .
It’s based on relationships between the bare skin or naked body and sheer and semitransparent materials, their interaction and ability to show simultaneously modesty and erotism.
Lingerie is the first garment we think of when there is transparency involved.
Being a first layer of clothing, they are also the last barrier to full disclosure of the body.
 Garments made with precious sheer fabrics that we usually encounter in lingerie.
Relaxed silhouettes for a modern woman sensitive for quality and luxury materials, crafty technics and esthetic of sensual clothes.
Pieces of this collection are absolutely wearable all though looking sophisticated and could be mixed with everyday basics


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