It’s really quite magical twig & thorn

Jacqueline Liu, the designer behind twig & thorn, a line of limited edition contemporary jewelry surrounding the culture of slow fashion.

Jacqueline’s work is inspired by nature and she uses lots of glittering gemstones for a fine aesthetic. It’s really quite magical.

Jewelry is inspired by nature’s delicate designs & powerful patterns.
Rooted in the universal allure of natural gems and lesser known stones, we find beauty in their glimmer and make it our aim for you to share in what we perceive.

The collections have been designed for women who resonate with raw beauty.  We embrace the purity of our roughen spots.

We know we each are unique curios with wonderful flaws.
Twig & thorn jewelry connects and draws us to our own inner beauty- the beauty in the rough.

Many of the stone pieces are handmade as One of Kind or Limited Editions.

The line bridges the gap between fine & fashion jewelry by framing our strong shapes from nature and glittering gemstones with gold practices top in the industry.

With gold fill and ample 18K gold over brass, our jewelry can be enjoyed for a long time with sensible wear & storage.

Having been in the industry for so many years developing jewelry at Tiffany & Co. and Kate Spade, I never thought to start my own line. 

The line was born out of encouragement from so many, but I started it because of my precious dogs Toby & Francesca. 

In honor of my beloved furry bandits, they each have their own signature bracelets using rose quartz, the stone for unconditional love.

In the same vein of finding beauty in all things, 10% of our proceeds go to animal causes & sanctuaries. 

We believe we can give animals another chance to be seen, be loved, and to love.  It’s the best legacy I can give to my girls.

So thanks for stopping in. 

You are about to embark on a truly unique experience. 

Tap into different style of jewelry… it’s understated, earthy, and perfectly imperfect.

Engage the soul.  Be encouraged.  Be your own curio.



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