Japan’s Freshest Art and Design Publisher Brings Stunning SS18 Catalog to N America

Interested in fashion, culture, design, history, mythology, literature, and all who seek out books of great artistry, insight, and freshness?
  Leading Japanese publisher PIE International is a to-go-to site for your summer reading.

Already well known to Japanese book lovers as one of the country’s leading art book publishing houses, PIE International was originally founded as a graphic design firm.

Ever since they began to publish books in 1971, the guiding philosophy at PIE has been to create titles that are ‘Sweet and Fresh’ – so much so, these have become essential keywords at the company’s Tokyo headquarters.

PIE’s Spring/Summer 2018 frontlist includes:

  • THE ART OF FANTASY, SCI-FI AND STEAMPUNK [June 1 2018]: a dazzling visual history of fantasy art, from Romanticism in the 18th century to the origins of steampunk in the Industrial Revolution to the modern era, which includes examples from the works of genre greats such as William Blake, H.G. Welles, Edgar Allan Poe, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Written by acclaimed Japanese writer Hiroshi Unno, this book offers a never-before-seen level of historical analysis and illustrative detail in respect to fantasy art and literature.
  • KIMONO AND THE COLORS OF JAPAN [April 1 2018]: an in-depth exploration of Japanese color theory told through the lens of a rare antique kimono collection, from highly regarded Japanese stylist and kimono antiquarian Katsumi Yumioka. Certain to become a must-have reference for textile designers, tattoo artists, and anyone interested in learning more about this iconic Japanese garment.
  • YOKAI WONDERLAND [April 1 2018]: a breathtakingly beautiful and comprehensive collection of Japanese art featuring yokai, the monsters of Japanese folklore. This book — which coincides with the 2018 opening of the Yokai Museum in Hiroshima — reveals Japanese history and culture as you’ve never seen it before, and will enthrall Japanese art lovers, existing fans of yokai, and those who are new to these fascinating supernatural creatures alike.
  • EVERYDAY SCENES FROM A PARALLEL WORLD [February 1 2018] and BEAUTIFUL SCENES FROM A FANTASY WORLD [May 1 2018]: two books which uniquely turn the spotlight on and celebrate the frequently overlooked scenes and background illustrations in anime and manga. Featuring the works of thirty-nine well-known, predominantly Japanese creators, illustrators, and animators, these books finally gives these artists the recognition they deserve.

PIE International’s full North American Spring/Summer 2018 catalog is available for viewing now at https://issuu.com/piebooks/.

Learn more at http://pie.co.jp/english/ and follow PIE International on Facebook and Pinterest.

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