Jen Dwyer, ‘Not For You, Bunny’ Solo Exhibition // Feminist-Focused Rococo-Inspired Ceramics // Lucas Lucas Gallery in Williamsburg BK // Opening October 18th – November 11th

 ‘Not for You, Bunny’ opening on Thursday October 18th at Lucas Lucas, a lovely new East Williamsburg gallery & inclusive event space. 
Through a decadent assortment of candelabras, mirrors, and vases from her “War Paint” and “Blind Spot” signature series, the artist muses on the complexities of agency, power dynamics, objectification, and gender politics.
Below I’ve included links to an image gallery for each series, both of which are heavily influenced by the Rococo art movement & feminist theory.
“Not For You, Bunny” A Debut Solo Exhibition of Ceramic Sculpture
Curated and Produced by Nathalie Levey & Stacie Lucas
Lucas Lucas Gallery | 57 Conselyea Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211
VIP Press Preview // Thursday, October 18th, 4-6pm
Opening Reception // Thursday, October 18th, 6-9pm
Boudoir Brunch // Sunday, October 28th, 11-2pm
Exhibition on View // October 18th – November 11th
In 18th century France, the morning ritual of dressing and applying makeup was called The Toilette, an occasion of great social significance for both men and women.
Visitors and close friends were invited to discuss matters of business, politics, or simply gossip- all while watching their host being prepared for public viewing.
This performance could be seen as either an act of submission or an act of rebellion.
While society wanted to mold the person into one ideal, with each layer–powdered wigs, corsets, beauty patches–individuals asserted their own sense of agency by redesigning themselves into who they wanted to be.
For this body of work I aim to explore the armor we dress in and the ways we dress and adorn ourselves everyday. I examine contemporary socially constructed notions of identity by invoking the female gaze and drawing from the Rococo aesthetic. The Female Gaze, was coined by Jill Soloway in response to Laura Mulvey’s theorization of “the Male Gaze,” where cinematic depictions of women are seen as the objects of male pleasure, thus the Female Gaze is an alternative way of seeing; a way of looking/representing that seeks to give everyone agency and make everyone a subject. Rococo art was created in reaction to boredom with the austere baroque style, and instead opted to depict humor, wit, emotion, and whimsy. Characterized by its light heartedness, the Rococo presents itself at a more intimate scale, often in private spaces. My goal for this work is to create a utopic space that blurs the barriers between the private and public, subject and object, and self and other.
‘Not For You, Bunny’ is based around Jen’s MFA thesis “An analysis of porcelain objects of cultural memory in Contemporary European Art”, which she’s been working on via grad school at the University of Notre Dame. It’s going to be a bold, regal and progressive presentation. Lucas Lucas’ space is a true diamond in the rough — nothing short of gorgeous and it’s conveniently located at the Lorimer stop on the L line (a 10 minute train ride from Union Square) With autumn in full swing & Halloween just around the corner, this epic feminist-focused installation of decadent sculptures will be perfect for the season!!
In the post-election aftermath, my practice shifted in response to contemporary gender politics. I aim to question and subvert hierarchies through both humor and vulnerability. I use fanciful, intricate porcelain mirror frames, candelabras and miscellaneous vessels that merge iconology from antiquity, rococo, pop, surrealism and the uncanny, infused with contemporary feminist themes. As a culture, our associations with power are limited, I hope to broaden them by gathering imagery across cultural lines and histories that examine the subjugation of the female form. My decorative quasi-functional sculptures offer a remixed interpretation of utopia.


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