Jewelry designer DANIELLA KRONFLE, combines striking precious and semiprecious stones into wearable pieces of art that are both timeless and relevant. 
Each piece is constructed with a rare combination of colors, shapes, innovative cuts, texture, and movement resulting in jewelry designs that are sharp as well as elegant. 
Originally from Ecuador, Daniella Kronfle grew up in a family of Italian, Lebanese and Syrian descent and was educated in Europe.
Daniella’s multicultural background, Latin American upbringing, European schooling and global travels are the cornerstones of her bold and unique design vision.
After being approached by Bergdorf Goodman’s in New York last year to carry the brand, the Miami-based jewelry company continues to expand.
 Currently, she has four collections –Mosaico di Luce, Charmed, Wanderlust, and Midnight Color Code (NEW) – which are available in an assortment of earrings, rings, bracelets and necklaces in a variety of gemstones with infinite color combinations.

Conveys a timeless vibrant travel into the sounds of the 70s, 80s and early 90s, reviving the reminiscent pulse of DANIELLA KRONFLE’s appreciation for iconic artists such as Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder, and Daft Punk.
The collection encompasses innovative pieces resembling glamorous dance floors and exhilarating nightlife atmospheres, combining past with future, high-quality handcrafts with technology, and tradition with modernity.

A sophisticated bucolic interpretation of nature, emulating the landscape metamorphosis which rises with changes of daylight.
The collection draws from the memories of majestic landscapes and Italian renaissance artistic treasures.




Wanderlust relates to the abundance of colors and textures flourishing in the mind, soul and enchanted heart of the traveler.
Insatiable style researcher and refined colorist, Daniella Kronfle “wanders” along landscapes of inspiring memories, letting her mind drift within vibrant color associations.

Set in faceted fine-colored gemstones and diamond pavé setting, DANIELLA KRONFLE’s iconic Charmed Collection features the Butterfly, the Heart and the Star.  Empowered with love, joy and splendor, they shimmer on 18k rose gold.
DANIELLA KRONFLE’s dearest amulets exist in countless stone combinations. 
With a strong sense of elegance, each piece is a symbol of femininity.
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