JULIA HEUER SS19 photos by Edith Karlson

PRINCESS 69 – SS19 collection
Julia Heuer has graduated from the Denmarks Designskole of Copenhagen and the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste of Stuttgart in textile design. She is renowned for her dynamic prints and artisanal handmade plissé.
Before launching her eponymous fashion line, Julia Heuer was the Head of Print Design for renown textile company Jakob Schlaepfer. During her tenure, she created unique prints for various fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Comme des Garcons, Calvin Klein and others. Most recently, Heuer was awarded for the prestigious Swiss Design Prize in 2016 for her collection Adobe Indigo.
A key component of Julia Heuer’s designs lies in her process, where she illustrates print stories directly onto raw fabric before applying the Japanese tie-dying pleating technique of Arashi Shibori.
This is the starting point of all collections and the reason for their unique aesthetic.
The designs always have a sense of ease, comfort, and fun. Thoughtful shapes and exquisite materials playfully interact to create beautiful, wearable garments for today’s woman. Every piece retains its original feel and colorful vibrance while requiring extremely low maintenance.
“Princess 69” is a collection of handmade pieces. Each of them is digitally printed and then hand-pleated with the traditional Japanese tie-dying technique of Arashi Shibori.
The starting point is textile design: in this particular collection, the story is developed by means of digital print design. Psychedelic patterns of the late sixties are reinterpreted and combined with dreamlike flowers vanishing into thin air. The bold colors of the pleats are enhanced by the peyote-drenched sunset skies of Mexico.
The campaign pictures are a continuous collaboration between Estonian artist Kris Lemsalu and Julia Heuer. Kris Lemsalu takes the artistic direction by telling stories, Edith Karlson captures these stories in images.
For the SS19 season, Kris Lemsalu goes to visit Edith’s grandmother Helju at Muuga, Estonia. Few weeks prior Edith Karlson told that Helju was a bit sad having already buried two husbands, while grandchildren rarely come around to visit these days. Intending to cheer her up, Kris and Edith went to Muuga. Picking flowers and apples that Helju has been growing for 69 years they all felt much peace and love.
Julia Heuer has been invited by Mode Suisse to show her SS19 collection in Zurich on the 3rd of September and to showcase it at DACH Showroom from the 28th of September to the 2nd of October 2018.  



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