K E N T S T E T S O N Has Cool Clutches

The snake clutch combines elegance and edge. We found that people have a very strong reaction to images of snakes- people either recoil in anxiety or lunge in and grab a hold of the bag. The following season, the re-release of the archival Gucci snake image brought the snake trend in to focus and this piece has become a multiple season staple of our collection. Supermodel Bella Hadid and rocker Elle King are two notable owners of our popular snake crossbody clutch.
Our handbags are sure to spark fun conversations. In 2003, after an exhibition of my computergenerated art failed to result in any sales, I cut the pieces up and sewed them in to bags. They sold immediately. Fast forward, we now sell in several hundred boutiques and specialty stores and enjoy a worldwide cult-following of collectors. Each piece is made in our atelier in Rhode Island. I still sew and sign each piece. Art can happen in unexpected places. And a dressy outing accented with one of our pieces can often be an opportunity to make new friends.
K E N T S T E T S O N 


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